CH-200 F/W ver.CH3.1.7(rebooting/black screen issue)
첨부파일  Files : firmware_3.1.7_CH200.zip  [Download]

First of all, we released new Android app. 1.3.8 and IOS app IS 0.9.1 recently.

So upgrade your app. first and update CH3.1.7 firmware.

Fixed errors and improved functions are in below.

1. Rebooting issue (rebooting without any reason)

2. Black screen issue (live video shows black screen)

3. Improved G-Sensor sensitive 

4. Added 10km/h for LDWS, FCWS

5. Added alert within 2.4 sec. in case of FCWS


If your device keep black screen in live video even if firmware updating, go to setting -> video -> click phone media.

Reason why keeping black screen is users didn't set the video player to phone media.

Basically, Blacksys app has 2 video players.

1. video player which fixed compatibility issue on Android 7.0 or higher

2. video player which support video library.