CF-100 Firmware M1.2_EN
첨부파일  Files : CF100update.tar  [Download]

Installation guide for CF-100 Firmware M1.2

  1. Download the “CF100Update.tar” file

  2. Format SD card

  3. Put the downloaded file “CF100Update.tar”
    into the root of SD card

  4. Connect rear camera before updating
    the device (before connecting power)

  5. Insert SD card to the front camera
    and connect the power

  6. Upgrade will start automatically (It takes up to 5 min)

  7. 2 LED on -> Blinking -> LED off
    -> The voice guide “Upgrade will be started” -> Blinking -> The voice
    guidance “Rebooting now” -> The voice guidance “Two channel recording is
    getting started”

  8. Upgrade complete